In Memoriam of my Father,

...and all of The Greatest Generation. "Principles are everything!"  –jM Miller


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November 1914 July 1973


U.S. Army


3 April 1937 - 25 April 1940


U.S. Army


26 April 1940 - 20 July 1942

Sgt. 3rd Student Training Regiment, ISSC

Fort Benning, Georgia


U.S. Army


21 July 1942 - 10 July 1945

1st. Lt. Company Commander

(Combat Field Promotion)

30th Infantry, Company L

3rd Division

Fort Stewart, Georgia


Honorable Discharge

8 November 1945

(Combat Medical Disability)



Algeria French-Morocco Campaign

(8 November 1942)

"Operation Torch"


Tunisian Campaign

(17 November 1942)


Sicilian Campaign

(9 July 1943)


Naples-Foggia Campaign

(9 September 1943)


Rome-Arno Campaign

(22 January 1944)


From engaging Rommel's Afrika Korps to clearing buildings with hand grenades and a machine gun in face-to-face combat, Lt. Miller led a company of men throughout Sicily and Italy, who each, by their valor, their suffering, and their quiet resolve to win, defined the very essence of Americans, which history calls: The Greatest Generation.

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